Do you have sexual fantasies? Would you confess them?

Sexual fantasies are something very normal and healthy in the human being. Experts say that the abundance of these helps in the perfect sexual relationship of an already established couple.

They were defined by Freud as “representations not intended to be performed”.

The images, ideas or feelings that the mind produces generate in the person an emotion and excitement, mainly sexual.

They occur voluntarily or involuntarily in our minds. Although sexual fantasies are rarely discussed with other people, or not mentioned at all, they are quite common. These begin with puberty and usually accompany the human being throughout their existence.

Despite the popular belief that men are the most sexually active and therefore the most sexual fantasy, it has been proven that men and women fantasize at the same level, only in different ways.

When found in our imagination, sexual fantasies can lose the stimulating effect that they have in case of being put into practice, because the idealization that allows our mind avoids details that in practice would make a fantasy something very difficult to realize or maybe even impossible to realize.

The fact that a person has a sexual fantasy does not necessarily mean that they want to put it into practice. On many occasions fantasies are opposed to the nature of the human being, to the beliefs and scale of values of those who evoke them but as the only thing that compromises is the imagination, they are accepted.

The option of making real or sharing fantasies with the couple is left to free will. The most important thing of all this is to highlight fantasy as an aphrodisiac and the only effective antidote to counteract reality.

It is worth clarifying is that it is very common to confuse fantasy with sexual desire, since both concepts are limited to the mental framework about the same context, sexuality, however, while the first refers to the evocation of a “fictitious situation”, desire is the anticipation of a “real situation”. However, it can also be the case that desire has its origin in a fantasy.

sexual fantasy meaning

Who has sexual fantasies?

Everyone has fantasies, at all ages, consciously or unconsciously, explicitly or implicitly. Besides, women have as many fantasies as men. The only difference is that men are generally less modest and talk about them much more easily.

Sexual fantasies allow you to escape from your reality, even for a moment. And if you make them, you can live an experience that will be unique and will remain in your memory as a beautiful, sexy or intense moment.

Ranking of WOMEN’s fantasies

For a long time considered taboo or even something shameful, women today assume sexual fantasies much better. The reason: in addition to participating in the psychic balance, they nourish desire, intensify pleasure and are the engine of a more open and developed sexuality.

  1. Anything you haven’t done and would like to do with your partner.
  2. Fantasize with someone from the past, or someone you just met.
  3. Thinking about having sex, or getting closer, with another woman. This fantasy is very common in girls, as they tend not to feel’ lesbian’ because of such a situation.
  4. Wish for what they haven’t done. This fantasy can include the most’ rare’ situations, such as being tied up, making threesomes, observing others, and so on.
  5. Get him to give her oral sex. In addition, this is the quickest and most effective way for a woman to have an orgasm.
  6. This is the fantasy most confessed by women: to have romantic sex! Totally cheesy and mellow film style.
  7. Dominate: to have a passionate, intense sexual relationship, with strength but aggression, where the woman has the power.
  8. May a man, from nothing, find you irresistible to such a degree that he cannot resist the desire to be with you. This fantasy is very common in women who have not yet experienced sexual intercourse.
  9. Work as a stripper or prostitute. A common fantasy in women who find alibis in their sex lives, is in their fantasies where they give free rein to their sexuality.
  10. To have sex for that yes, with a stranger… desire of the so-called casual sex.

Ranking of fantasies of MEN

  1. Having sex with a stranger.
  2. That she feels pleasure in performing oral sex, beyond giving pleasure.
  3. Sex with two or more women.
  4. Exposureism and voyeurism, being watched and watching when having sex.
  5. Let them masturbate for them.
  6. Anal sex.
  7. Changing roles between slavery and sadomasochism.
  8. Mastery and expertise, far removed from any concept of submission, rather close to the idea of expert.
  9. Sex with another man, but, they make it clear, not under a homosexual gaze, just for experimenting.
  10. Sex with someone other than your partner.

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