The most pleasant anal sex positions

Anal sex, believe it or not, is still a taboo for many women, but if you have confidence with your partner and want to try new forms of fun in bed, you can find in this practice a great reef. If you are a beginner who is beginning to be interested in it, you should know that there are many more movements than the classic doggy posture. In fact, that’s one of the least pleasant and comfortable when you start anal sex.

To discover the best postures and advice and give free rein to this fantasy, we have talked to an expert in sex and relationships, who explains that before starting to practice it must take into account that this is a game completely different from intercourse, and therefore requires some more dedication, preparation and lubricant.

Scan the anal area prior to penetration. It is very important for both sides to be relaxed and discover how the body responds to this stimulation, start with massages and preliminary games and discover the area with your fingers, tongue or sex toys before moving on to penetration.

Anal sex, believe it or not, is still a taboo for many women

You may be accustomed to having sex in a more “traditional” way, but you should know that anal sex is also very common among heterosexual couples and with it you can discover many forms of pleasure that you did not know before.

Once you feel ready and convinced that you want to do it, try one of these 20 anal sex postures to practice anal sex and expand your sexual repertoire… Start to cross out postures from the list!

1 The fan
The ventilator brings a whole new dimension to anal sex with a new angle for penetration. With this position, the man penetrates the woman reaching a depth that cannot be achieved with other postures.

The boy penetrates the woman from behind, controlling movement and with the possibility of stimulating the breast or vagina with his hands. And she’s having fun!

2 The Monkey
This time you’re back on the beat again. Have your boy lie on his back and bring his knees to his chest. Then you put your back to him on his thighs and slide until his penis is inside you. To make it easier, lean on her legs with your hands and hold on for more stability.

In this posture, the woman can glide over her boy’s penis and be in control of the depth.

3 Moorish skewer
If you are tired of trying with the spoon, this posture is a great alternative. This time your hands are free to stimulate your body or your boy’s while he must do all the hard work.

Your partner should be supported on the side, so that you make a right angle between the two. Put your knees in bridge form so that he is below. Once again, your anus will be more relaxed and prepared for penetration with this posture. Let the fun begin!

4 The Amazon
If you want to add a bonus to your sex life, then take note of this advice: use accessories. With the amazon, you leave the routine bed to discover that pleasure is also possible on a stool.

Once again you are in control of the situation, and once again you must straddle your boy. Make sure both your feet and yours touch the ground, because it’s essential to get some balance.

5 The upper leg
As we said, opening your legs gives you extra pleasure, so as you can imagine, this posture can make you see the sky. Lie on your back and raise a leg. Let your boy sit in the middle of it by placing his leg up on his shoulder.

This is the best posture for a total contact with your partner, as you are staring at each other and he has a free hand to caress you and you can do it with both… Or enjoy the views as in the picture.

6 The magic mountain
The classic posture that anyone imagines when having anal sex is with the woman bent over and the man accessing it from behind. With the magical mountain the idea is the same, but it is very different in turn. In this case the man takes control, and he does it by hugging you from behind, which is an intimate moment of full contact.

The trick this time around is in the cushions that shape this posture and make it comfortable and easy. Besides, from this angle the depth is wonderful. Taste it!

7 Double-deck busses
After the intimate spoon position, this can be a perfect continuation. Here you still have the intimacy of the previous position, but you have a little more control over the situation.

In this posture, your boy lies on his back while you do the same thing but on him. You should arch your back a little bit until you lie on his chest, leaning on your elbows.

While you keep your legs bent and your feet at the height of your knees, he must hold you by the waist while penetrating you with gentle movements. If you like the feeling, it’s time to keep trying the following postures.

8 Cowgirl backwards
This is one of the most popular anal sex postures. The most positive thing is that you are on top and can control the speed and depth of penetration. Plus he’ll have perfect views, so your boy will love it too.

Here your hands are free to explore each other, so don’t miss the opportunity! Remember that in this posture your boy should lie with his legs together, while you sit on your knees straddling him.

9 The intimate teaspoon
This intimate and sexy posture is the right way to start anal sex. First make your boy lie down behind you by joining your legs and bending them together, which is perfect because it will make you both relaxed (which is the key to enjoying anal sex) and also give him access to other important parts such as the chest or clitoris.

This posture is a great idea to start this practice, especially if the woman leans forward and moves her legs away from her body, which will automatically cause the external sphincter to open.

10 The butterfly
With the butterfly you get a perfect angle for anal penetration. It may not appear to be the most comfortable posture in the world at first glance (help yourself with cushions), but it is certainly also very pleasant, as it allows a great depth of penetration.

In addition, he will have an exceptional view of the situation as well as direct contact with your gaze, which is another plus.

11 The basket
With the basket, you can have precise control of the penetration depth during anal sex. Meanwhile, your boy holds you with his hands, which is appreciated because it minimizes effort and multiplies pleasure.

In addition, he will have direct access to your chest with his mouth and is a most intimate position. It’s worth a try!

12 The hinge
Now we’re heading towards the doggy kingdoms with the hinge. Actually, in this position you’re still up there… sort of. But on this occasion, he will be the one to take charge of the situation.

Place yourself on four legs, resting on your forearms and with your legs spread out. In the meantime, he leans with one hand and one knee on the floor (which should be between your legs) and with the other hand he holds and pushes you towards him to facilitate penetration.

13 Colored ladder
Remember that variety is the taste. You don’t always have to make love in bed or in your bedroom. Much of the fun depends on doing new and exciting things, so why not try a little warmth on the stairs?

One tip is that even if you make love there, use cushions so that you don’t hurt your knees. From then on… Have fun!

14 The luminous triangle
And back to the intimate postures. A most sensual face-to-face with this variant of the missionary. Many people think this position is unfeasible for anal sex, but you can and it’s exciting!

It is possible, with patience and practice, to achieve this face-to-face. “It can be done with the woman underneath and the man on top, but it helps more if she has her legs bent and upward, grabbing the man by the shoulders,”she concludes.

15 The puppy
And here we are at last, the puppy. This position has created some controversy among experts and among many women. On the one hand, anal sex in this posture can be a little painful for women because they have less control of penetration and this can result in somewhat uncomfortable depth but, on the other hand, it is an incredible posture to achieve orgasm.

Penetration into the doggy’s posture is best for orgasm because it makes the vagina and anal ducts closer together. So if you’re ready to try it out, but remember to do it carefully and with full confidence in your partner.

16 The Reclining Lotus
Spread your legs has a really positive effect when it comes to anal sex. The reclining lotus allows another intimate face-to-face but the penetration becomes simpler and also creates a perfect angle to live a great experience.

17 The side impact
Lateral shock is one of the most sensual postures for anal sex. We have already told you that the key is to be relaxed (in addition to the lubricant) so that penetration is simple and pleasant, and with this posture is very easy to achieve.

While going inside you can try massaging your back or caressing yourself, so that you can relax and be a roller coaster of sensations. Also, the angle does not allow very deep penetration, so it is unlikely to harm you (at least it is softer than the puppy).

18 The crossing
The crossing is another great posture for anal sex. It is a variation of the previous posture but just as effective for pleasure. In this case you should lie face down and spread your legs but instead of putting one on the boy’s shoulder, leave it bent over his body. If you like to feel like he’s taking the reins, this posture will delight you.

19 The clip
Although it’s a little extra effort, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy this position. With the posture of the clip, you are sitting on top of your boy, looking at his face, which allows you to take control and he, for his part, has superb views and direct access to your clitoris.

When the woman is on top she has more control and is able to put herself in such a way that she gets as much excitement as possible. In some postures, the skin and muscle around the anus are stretched and this also allows the clitoris to be stimulated. It’s something that requires practice, though.

If you like this posture very much, then try to lie back by arching your back for an extra sensation of penetration.


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