All you need to know to fully enjoy Chinese balls

Chinese balls are not just a sex toy. In fact, they have many other uses from which we can benefit.

Even today, sex toys often arouse a certain suspicion. We tend to think that their sole purpose is to provide us with more pleasure during sexual intercourse, or at least to make it a spicier moment. And while that’s your main goal, there are certain erotic toys that have more uses outside the bed than inside.

One of them is the Chinese balls, two small accessories that, among other things, can help us strengthen the pelvic floor. And don’t think this is a novelty, because these balls, also known as ben wa or geisha balls, have been used for centuries. It is believed that in ancient times women (especially geisha women, in Japan) used them to achieve orgasm.

And how did they get it? This is where we must clarify something fundamental: Chinese balls do not provide pleasure. They are not a vibrator, but small weights that are inserted into the vagina and can help us strengthen your muscles. And this strength is precisely what will give us greater sexual pleasure.

Chinese balls are not just a sex toy
How to use Chinese balls

Before getting to the point, it is important to ask: what are Chinese balls used for? As we have already mentioned, they usually have a therapeutic function. They are usually used to strengthen the pelvic floor, which is the set of muscles and ligaments that support the bladder, urethra, uterus, vagina, and rectum.

The pelvic floor may be weakened after childbirth, for example, or simply by the passage of time. A strong pelvic floor can prevent urinary incontinence, improve lubrication, avoid the risk of prolapse, and generally make us enjoy sex more.

How to use Chinese balls? In fact, the mechanism is very simple: just insert them into the vagina, although it should be borne in mind that at first they can be annoying, so it is important to insert them with the help of a lubricant. Its placement is “similar” to that of a tampon: on the outside we must leave the cord that will allow us to extract them later.

Once inside, the key is to move with them (walking, shopping, Kegel exercises with them…) because this will cause the small weight that carries each of the balls inside the ball collide with them and produce a contraction in our pelvic floor. The set of contractions will be what gradually strengthens the muscles. At first, the balls are usually placed about 15 – 20 minutes and about three days a week. They can then be used daily and up to a maximum of about half an hour per day.

Where to buy Chinese balls
You can find Chinese balls both in the pharmacy and in sex shops. They are also available in online stores such as Amazon.

What Chinese balls to choose
We can choose different types of Chinese balls depending on their size and weight. The balls, made mainly of medical or hypoallergenic silicone, are usually 35 – 40 millimeters wide. The step already varies somewhat more, as it can go from 28 to 100 grams and even more. You will usually find them as “small”,”medium” or “large”. The ideal? Go little by little. If you’ve never given birth before and this is the first time you’re going to use Chinese balls, you can choose the ones that are smaller and lighter and gradually change them.

In the end, it’s like going to the gym: our pelvic floor needs weights to strengthen itself. It is not advisable that on the first day we work with an excessively heavy load (because, literally, you will get aches and pains), but go little by little, from less to more.

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