Learn how to enjoy sex every day of the week

We all know how to do it, the light goes down a bit, clothes off and… here we go! No? So far so good. But from there to get the best possible sex there is a stretch, so we’ll start with the basics.

Have you ever thought sex is like video games? You can move on to the next level or get stuck in Level 1 all your life…. You decide. We have the keys to improving daily sex and we want to share them with you. Keep reading! To start getting out of the routine, why don’t you try one of the 100 most exciting postures of kamasutra? I’m sure it gives you a good idea…

Can you have sex every day
Monday: open your mind
The difference between having sex and having good sex is that for good sex it is necessary to open the mind and get rid of clich├ęs, taboos and stereotypes. Therefore, before enjoying a sex session you should leave any kind of prejudice outside the room.

If your partner wants you to hum a song by Alejandro Sanz while sucking on your left foot, who cares! The important thing is that you enjoy it, too. Like in love and war, in sex everything is good. Don’t care what people say or do. If you both enjoy physically and emotionally, then don’t let yourself be influenced by what your friends tell you or what you hear out there.

Don’t judge. Doing so will only help your partner not to suggest anything new again, and you will fall into the most boring routine in less than a cock crowing. We propose you some postures so that you can give free rein to your imagination and your pleasure.

Tuesday: trust yourself
Having quality sex doesn’t just depend on the postures and dexterity you both have in bed. There are other factors that influence, and in what way! One thing’s for sure, there’s nothing sexier than trust. You should act like you’re sure of yourself even when you’re not. It’s the only way to experiment, so don’t be embarrassed or withdrawn and take the frying pan by the handle.

Working a little trust in the other person also works very well in bed. If you are one of those who gives the witness to the other and lets himself be guided, try to take the reins yourself and to take the lead sometime. Touch your boy before he starts, choose postures in which you dominate the situation and show him what you like best and how you prefer to be touched. The more direct you are, the sexier you get. Try proposing to use a sex toy, you’ll love it!

Wednesday: oral sex
Once you start practicing oral sex, you can’t stop doing it. It happens all the time. The trick to give the best of yourself when practicing it is in the small details, which always make a difference.

If you want to impress him with the best fellatio of his life, try the corkscrew technique. This exercise consists of making circles with the tongue on the head of the penis while you are caressing it with your hands, making small turns up and down and drawing a spring. Another thing to remember is that you don’t have to focus on one movement or one area. Explore, innovate and discover new things… Have you tried to make love to the rhythm of music?

Thursday: take the first step
As we have already said, trust is one of the keys to good sex. So be sure to take charge of the situation and control every phase you enter. If you always wait for your partner to take the first steps, the time may come when he gets tired. Power is one of the most appealing weapons of seduction, that’s why if you start to have the singing voice from time to time to your boy you’ll drive him crazy.

Exchanging roles can be a lot of fun, and not getting comfortable with an attitude in bed is another key to getting a much better sex. We don’t say to stop performing that movement or that part of the sexual experience you like most, but in variety is success, and this, my friend, is a truth like a temple.

Doing it in places where you don’t normally practice it helps to make the lividity appear more intense. Have you always wanted to do it in the park? Say it! Any novelty you propose is welcome and your partner will love it. For example, have you thought about doing it in the car? Discover all the postures that make sex go smoothly.

Friday: stimulate your mind
Even the most primitive sex can be exciting, but if you make it a little less physical and something more psychological we assure you that pleasure will increase.

Sexologists discovered some years ago that sexual pleasure involves both the most physical part of our composition and the mental part. The so-called “psychophysiological” sex affirms that if your mental disposition is adequate, the impact on your body will be enormous. The brain, although it may seem like a lie, is one of the most potent erogenous zones of our physiology. That is why it must also be encouraged. One of the most direct ways to do this is through our feet.

And not only your mind, it stimulates all the senses with pleasure gels and lubricants. We show you how!

Saturday: experience
Of all the things you can do in the bedroom, one of the most stimulating is undoubtedly playing with ropes. If you’re not sure how your boy is going to react to tying him up, try grabbing his wrists behind his body while you make love and wait to see what happens. The result is usually very good.

If you still don’t know what the acronym BDSM stands for, it’s time to catch up. In the purest Grey Shadow style, BSMS collects the initials of the words bondage, domination, submission and masochism. Christian Grey may have taken these practices to the extreme, but a little controlled and consensual sadomasochism can add a spark of mischief and be very sexy.

Sunday: Kiss, kiss and kiss again
Sometimes it happens that when you get used to the things you loved at first, they end up looking normal and emotionless. Kisses can fall victim to this routine that becomes boring. Kisses can also be trained. Practicing with intense kisses of 30 seconds is a good habit. Doing it twice a day will improve your sex life.

In addition to the taste of kissing, touch is another of the senses that can fall into the clutches of habituation. Be emotionally generous with the caresses out of bed, to enjoy more when you return to it.

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