Kamasutra and the most popular positions


1. The embrace

The man is lying on his side. The woman sits next to him with her head down and intertwines her legs to the man’s pelvis while hugging his leg. In this position, rub your breasts against his thighs. The man can, during penetration, stroke his partner’s buttocks and introduce the fingers into his anus.

2. The clip

The man lies on his back with his legs together. The woman sits on it, bends her torso back and leans on her hands. During the act, since the woman is in charge of the rhythm, he will be able to caress the mountain of venus and stimulate its clitoris.

3. Amazon girl

The man sits comfortably in a chair, the woman sits on him looking at him. As he moves back and forth, he strokes her breasts. This posture is very stimulating.

4. Appetizer

The man is sitting on the floor or in a soft bed, with one leg stretched and the other slightly bent to maintain balance. The woman straddles herself, leaning on her partner. The man holds it tightly on the back to ensure deep penetration. She adapts the movement to provide greater pleasure. In this position you can stimulate your breasts by kissing and nibbling.

5. Starfish

The man is sitting on the floor with his legs slightly bent. The woman sits on his lap with her back turned and lets herself be penetrated. Then he throws the trunk forward, rests his hands on the soles of the man’s feet and moves up and down. In this posture he can kiss his back and caress his partner’s breasts. Caution: this position requires quite a bit of skill on the part of both lovers.

6. The tree

The woman resting on her hands with her arms outstretched. The man on the edge of the bed lifts her pelvis while she slides her legs under her arms. The pine posture requires a certain agility and can only be maintained for a few minutes.

7. The supernova star

The man is lying on his back on the bed with his feet to the headboard. The woman sits on it so that she can look him in the face. Then it begins to move until it is near the orgasm, at which time (to intensify it) it stops, grabs the man by the torso and moves him so that his body, arms and back hang on the side of the bed, then it is followed.

8. Scandinavian

The woman turns her back on her partner and kneels as shown in the picture. The man holds it by the buttocks, modulating the amplitude of the swing. The position of the Scandinavian allows the woman to caress her partner’s sex, offering the stimulating vision of her buttocks.

9. Waterfall

The man is lying on his back. She lies on her back on his elbows, with her legs bent and her feet on his knees. The man penetrates it with gentle movements and holds it by the waist. This position can be an intermediate phase that continues as the woman turns around.

10. Lotus flower

In the lotus flower posture the man is sitting with his legs crossed in bed and the woman sits on him straddling. He leads the movement with his hands, kissing his partner’s breasts.

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