A guide to enjoy sexting

Do you want to have a conversation with your partner by Whatsapp? Follow our advice!

There are few things more frustrating than wanting to spend time alone with your partner and to separate the distance (whichever distance it is). Anyone can endure a few days without it (in fact, here are the keys to getting it through cyber-sex), but as the nights go by it is logical that you want to have him closer and closer. The crisis, a major cause of the separation of thousands of couples over the last few years, has sharpened the ingenuity of many and turned messaging tools like Whatsapp or Telegram into a way of escape (or defogging) for these couples.

sexting can be a perfect revulsive to your sex life

With or without the help of one of these, this type of practice is becoming more and more widespread….
And this is where sexting comes into play, a term to designate those spicy conversations that take place through messages: photos, voice, text… Imagine power! But there’s a fine line between sexy and coarse, so if you want to get started in the sexting world, you have to be clear about the things you should and shouldn’t do.

1. Test the terrain
Rule number one is to test the ground. Unless you and your boy are experts at sexting, don’t drop the bomb suddenly with a very high-pitched phrase, because you may not find the answer you want. It begins with some insinuation and some sexy phrase like,”I can’t wait to see you again and do with you all the things that are going through your head. From then on, he acts in accordance with his response. If it gives you a chance to continue the game, go free!

In this way you gradually increase the excitement and guarantee that when you see each other again it will not be an uncomfortable situation but something of the most natural… By the mobile phone are also important preliminaries!

If you want a practical example, try to tell her that you’ve just seen some of these erotic movies to see how she reacts….

2. Never sexting after the first date.
Along the same lines of things that can be very uncomfortable, you find yourself engaging in these kinds of conversations after a first date. Obviously, you both have to set the limits in that new relationship, but this kind of talk that can be left on your mobile phone for posterity (not to mention photos), should only be had with people you have complete confidence with.

So you know, keep your fingers off the phone and wait a little bit. Good things always wait. And it is always better to sexting once you have had physical relationships than before, because when we let our imagination fly we can leave expectations too high and then not fulfilled in the real plane.

3. Let yourself be carried
If you’re gonna do something, do it right. Don’t get to the point, because with sexting that doesn’t work. Here, the key is in the details and in saying absolutely everything that comes to mind with complete attention.

It is about describing each moment you would like to materialize with your partner, in the most erotic and graphic way possible. Of course, focus on saying things you’d really like to do with him, so you can do it when you see him. It’s also about warming the air!

4. Don’t do it if you’ve been drinking…
When you write messages that are full of misspellings, meaningless or too graphic for no apparent reason, they may not have the spicy effect you’re hoping they will have. He trusts us.

If you go out one night and you start wanting to do certain things with it, keep your mobile phone away. Or at least test the ground. Maybe he’s just like you too, and that makes sure you finish the night perfectly…

5. Use your imagination
If you are not comfortable sending photos of yourself (let’s face it, it can be too risky), you can do something a little more subtle but it will also get a very hot result.

We refer, for example, to sending photos of some sexy outfit you have, a toy, a lipstick… Or, if you dare, a snapshot of your mouth or legs. Remember that the key is in the details and in leaving something for the imagination.

6. Don’t use emoticons
If there’s good advice we can give you for sexting, it’s to stay away from emoticons. Suspension points are much more effective in this case. For example, it is more effective to say “I’ll wait for you in bed…” than,”I’ll wait for you in bed.

In the first case you suggest that you’re ready for action, while in the second case you seem to be waiting for make-up removal, with the bow held high and bear pajamas reading a novel by Agatha Christie. So no emoticons and no more talking. If you want to know some more sexy language for these cases… I’m sure these erotic novels will help you do that.

7. Tell her how you feel
And we don’t mean a declaration of love. We mean that if you are excited about the conversation you are having or imagining what you will do to her when you see each other, you should tell her.

There are few things that ignite a person more than knowing you’ve been like that thinking about them. So don’t keep it to yourself and tell her. Remember, that should come after you level the playing field, but if you see that he’s receptive, go ahead. And if it doesn’t occur to you to say, be clear, concise and provocative:”You can’t imagine how you just put me…”.

8. Don’t be afraid to say some “inaccuracy.”
If something wonderful in sexting is that you can be without makeup, pajamas or eating potatoes. And the truth of what you say, how you’re doing or what you’re wearing, doesn’t have to be 100% accurate… Nobody will know the difference! However, it is also true that, if you are predisposed, you will certainly enjoy it much more and make him enjoy it more.

9. Tell her your fantasies
Although sexting can be just one way to have fun, it can also help improve your sex life. We’re usually less afraid to say what we think or feel if we don’t have the other person in front of us, so it may be the perfect opportunity to tell her your fantasies without having to watch you blush.

He may be excited about doing these things, too, but neither of us has dared to raise it, so start with:”Imagine what you’re doing…” or “Imagine what I’m doing to you…” and unleash your imagination. Remember to put it into practice when you’re together!

10. Don’t use these words
There is a list of words you should never say when sexting. Here we leave you with some examples: girdle, rabbit, penetrate, limb, pussy, hair…. In reality, these words are not particularly stimulating when you are with him, but leaving it in writing is a perfect example of anti-morbidity.

11. Think of him
Although, obviously, you have to have fun with this, you also have to be sure that you hit the nail on the head with it. Sexting is a two-way thing, so think about the things he’d like to do or have you do and write them down. Things you’re comfortable with, though.

But men, like us, love to have their self-esteem boosted by praising some of their gifts or loving arts. So he starts a conversation by saying,”Last night was amazing, I can’t wait for you to come home” or “You don’t know how much I want you to do to me again (…) You’re amazing”.

12. Deactivates notifications
One of the biggest mistakes is to have Whatsapp notifications turned on. At first it may be a good idea to know if your boy has just logged on or is available, but from that moment on, it will kill you to know that he has received the message and does not answer.

Come on, this is advice for life in general. You’ll be much happier with the notifications off: relax and enjoy sexting without continually looking at the clock waiting for an answer. You can also turn off your phone, light an aromatic candle or incense and enjoy…

13. Spicy photos: yes or no?
Although we would never recommend you to send a naked photo of yourself to someone else, taking an erotic snapshot and sending it to your partner can be really sexy. Of course, if you do, you have to be 100% convinced of it. Don’t do it if you’re not sure, let alone if the only reason you’re doing it is because he keeps asking you.

On the other hand, you have to have complete confidence with your boy to know that he won’t show it to his friends or anyone else (even after a supposedly painful breakup). For the first time, maybe it’s best to be cautious and not show your face. This way there will be no way to know if you are the girl in the photo unless someone knows you very well. And finally, if you send a picture of yourself… Demand one of them back! In sex, as in love, it is about giving and receiving, remember.

14. Don’t be too obvious.
Once you realize that your boy is just as eager to send you high-pitched messages, don’t be too obvious. Magic is in suspense, in insinuations, in saying things without saying them…

And, in this line, there is improvising and surprising. If the conversation is looped over and over again, it will end up being boring and monotonous. Therefore, it is best to surprise you with new things, different practices and postures or new toys. Spontaneity and imagination will play in your favor, don’t forget.

15. And most importantly, have fun.
The sexiest thing a couple can have is complicity and the ability to have fun together. Sexting, like so many other things, must have the same purpose: that you both enjoy it and that your relationship is strengthened.

If you don’t like these kinds of messages, don’t force yourself to do something you don’t like. If, on the other hand, you have fun and your boy too, try to surprise him with a message while you are together with your friends or family, or when you know that he is at work…

Picardía here has no limits, and be sure that sexting can be a perfect revulsive to your sex life and not just a practice for an inevitable physical separation… Let the game begin!

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