At some point during your existence in this world, you’re probably going to want to make contact with us. A friendly, hand-written letter is always nice, as are phone calls filled with neverending praise and boisterous good will. Whatever the case may be, you can find plenty of communication-related information listed below, ranging from good, old-fashioned snail mail to the latest in internet technology. The possibilities are truly endless.

Questions about the latest releases? Curious about which ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is currently listed on your account? Pick up the phone and give us a call. If you find this form of impersonal contact unacceptable, write us a letter. Need to check out which releases are hitting the shelves on Tuesday? Worried about the total cost of last weekend’s overdue movie? We’re ready to help clarify the situation.

Currently, all website-related inquiries will be handled by Jennifer, full-time Premiere Home Video employee (and queen of the video store) and all-around awesome individual! In order for us to make contact, you can contact me through the Hartland Facebook page. It’s link is conveniently placed below, how that happened, I don’t know. All questions and comments will be addressed in a timely manner. Please, no autograph requests, hate mail, or fried chicken recipes. (actually send the recipes)