Chemsex, the dangerous sexual practice that has become fashionable

Drug use and unprotected sex with different people are the two main risk factors for this sexual practice that can cause health problems.

Doctors warn of the health risks of chemsex. These include the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis or syphilis and psychotic outbreaks of drugs used during this practice, which, of course, can also lead to addiction.

Drug use and unprotected sex

Chemsex consists of having sex under the influence of psychoactive drugs and occurs mostly in homosexual men. The most common drugs used are mephedrone, popper, cocaine or crystallized methamphetamine, used to make sex, which is practiced with different people, last several hours or even days. This practice is becoming a public health problem in several European countries and is also being detected in Spain, specifically in cities such as Madrid and Barcelona.

It’s an explosive health cocktail. The feeling of fatigue disappears, which means that the sessions can last a couple of days without eating or sleeping. The specialist warns of the risk of using drugs taken during chemsex:”Those who use them often end up developing a strong addiction. In the case of GHB, another substance used, its consumption in high quantities acts as a sedative and can lead to unconsciousness and even death. Something similar happens with methamphetamine, which stimulates physical activity and makes it easier to lose track of time.

Chemsex is also associated with the transmission of HIV infection, as people who practice chemsex do not usually use a method of protection. We know that it is common not to use condoms and we have data on how the risk of contracting HIV increases fourfold in chemsex. A risk that is further increased by sharing the same syringe to inject the drug.

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