Anal Sex, topics to consider for success

Anal sex is possibly the most coveted of the sexes, if we add that it is practiced by both men and women, we all have anal rectum, this particular area of nerve endings that gives us pleasure, we can consider that anal sex outweighs vaginal sex, in other words after masturbation is the most important form of sexual pleasure. It is necessary to prepare oneself to enjoy this pleasure, like all those in whom the beginning is painful but later it becomes an infallible practice.

how to success in anal sex


It is very important to be clear about this, anal sex is enjoyed with lubricant, with a lot of lubricant. Please do not think of saliva, petroleum jelly, butter or regular moisturizer. A quality lubricant should be used, thicker and more consistent than that used in conventional relationships, and especially with some functional component that helps to dilate and protect the sensitive anal walls of very low self-lubrication. There are essential lubricants and creams for anal sex. Repeat using lubricant without fear of excess, more is better.

Anal Virginity

In the initial times, it is advisable to use something that avoids the pain, even if it is little and then get used to it should not be exposed to the initial discomfort. There are very good desensitizers and products for starters. Anal sex should be practiced respecting some steps so that it becomes a permanent source of pleasure and not a frustrated experience of pleasure.

There is a preconceived idea that anal sex is very painful, which influences fear of its practice. Like all body aches and pains, it is a warning that we are doing something wrong, because the anal area is the same. With its high concentration of nerve receptors, the anus can produce extreme pain when mistreated as well as an unparalleled source of pleasure.

When a lubricated finger, anal toy or penis is inserted into the anus, the sphincter muscles contract. The pain will not be long in coming if participants do not wait for these muscles to relax. Maximum pleasure requires the elimination of all physical pain and trauma for a satisfying anal experience. The passive person herself should say “no” if she is not comfortable, until she is ready to continue. Preparation for anal sex is a combination of physical relaxation and pure desire. There are many anal toys, such as anal balls specially designed for step-by-step training of the anus muscles and learning to relax. Fundamental use in anal virgins. Anal toys allow you to naturally learn how to relax the anal area.

Anal pleasure: Physical and Psychological Pleasure

The highest concentration of nerve endings is found at the opening of the anus, so taking time to caress this area serves in the preparation and is part of the enjoyment, equivalent to leaving the vagina lubricated or stimulating the penis for erection. When a anal toy or penis is inserted through the anal opening into the rectum, other pleasures will come into play. The outermost part of the rectum, as well as the vagina, has several nerve endings. The inner part responds better to pressure.

In men, the prostate, which is just past the anal opening in the rectal wall towards the front of the body, also called Point P (similar to Point G in the vagina) can become a source of pleasure when massaged with a finger, anal toy or penis. Also, the lower and end of the penis is connected to the opening of the anus. It will be indirectly stimulated by most forms of anal sex.

Anal pleasure can be both physical and psychological. It is a new conquered territory, usually more intimate, more reserved and coveted. It increases the feeling of surrender to the other. There’s more grief in anal sex. This special sensory pleasure is greatly enhanced by psychological pleasure. There is an emotion even in enduring a pinch of pain to give satisfaction to the other. Overcoming a barrier. And then grow in experience. More and more anal toys are designed for more pleasure.

Anal Preview

Desire is not enough to guarantee pleasure in anal sex. Even an uncomfortable past experience will not be a reason for the lack of interest in anal sex.

Chronic anal muscle tension is the most common cause of bad experiences with anal sex.

We can free ourselves from tension by touching the anus and be more familiar with it. A good time to explore with anal dilatation will be the time when we don’t put in the shower or bathroom. By stretching and relaxing the anus you learn to relax it.

For many people, the key moment in anal sex occurs when they allow their partner to massage the anus with the understanding that penetration will not occur. Thus, the one who receives the caresses will be able to concentrate only on the pleasure that this erogenous zone is capable of generating.

Another interesting previous practice is the “Black Kiss”, practicing oral sex in the anus. It can be with or without a latex barrier.

Anal Gel Lubricant

In anal sex perseveres and triumphs, it’s going to be a shame to keep trying.

You may have tried in the past without a lot of preparation or use of proper lubricants and have had a traumatic experience. Persevere with current techniques and products, you will surely succeed. It’s worth it. It is a source of pleasure that brings benefits, improves self-esteem to conquer all forms of pleasure possible. Anal sex can be enjoyed even if it has been uncomfortable in the past.

We recommend the use of aphrodisiacs to increase sexual desire, there are also anal exciting gels.

Forms of Hygiene

A pre-shower is recommended. There are many special accessories to clean the walls of the rectum, but of course something can always happen, with good head even that can be reason for more grief. Don’t let an unforeseen event become a disgrace, you have to know what can happen and soon.

It is interesting to use some restorative cream after anal intercourse, to avoid possible irritations or being unwell, and to be in good condition for the next practice.

It is ideal the previous depilation of the tail hair to feel comfortable, both for women and men. The aesthetics of the anus can be improved by applying an anal bleach to remove the dark spots that usually persist in the hidden anus. The visual part also excites.

Anal Sex in Straight Men

It is also an opportunity to please your partner in a completely different way, as the activity is a radical sexual act with great growth potential, and especially extremely intense sexual excitement for both of you.

In sex shops there are the classic harnesses to allow penetration by women, and dildos that do not require harness or strap to hold it to the body of the woman, instead the harness has a limb to penetrate the anus of the man and the other to penetrate the vagina, stimulating both men and women at the same time. This type of dildo requires a little more practice but it’s definitely something worth trying.

The sale of this type of articles is one of the fastest growing in Sexshops all over the world.

Anal Orgasm

This is not the great goal. Only a minority of people can achieve orgasm by anal sex without direct stimulation of the genitals. Anal stimulation orgasms are especially intense with parallel stimulation of the penis or clitoris. And if this is not the case, anal stimulation serves as a prerequisite.

We recommend increasing the desire with Spanish Fly, this aphrodisiac is ideal when it comes to breaking sexual limits.


To practice anal sex is a great step in the sexual history of each individual, it is to extend the boundaries of pleasure, it is to feel fuller. Anal sex practitioners literally walk different walks through life, are sexually more active and seductive.

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