Premiere Home Video began with a simple purpose: Provide affordable entertainment in a welcoming, friendly environment. In the wake of devastating change within the rental business, we have continued to stand strong as Lexington’s snazziest — and oldest — independently-owned video store while our corporate competitors have slowly bitten the proverbial dust.Premiere Home Video proves that low prices, a simple yet effective business model, and great customer service is the key longevity. It also helps matters greatly that we’re incredibly good-looking.

Rental Prices

Curious about those low prices I mentioned earlier? Take a minute to peruse our rates. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how impossibly reasonable we are when compared to other brick-and-mortar video stores. Additionally, we are loaded top-to-bottom with all sorts of titles, ranging from big-budget Hollywood hits to independently-produced sleepers that you may have missed during your journey through life.

Note: All of our rentals are for one day. New release late fees are $1.75 per day, whereas everything else is the same as a day’s rental.

New Releases – The latest titles on DVD and Blu-ray are only $2.50. Rent select New Releases for $1.25! We offer multiple day special for all New Releases (excluding Gold Star New Releases); rent 3 New Releases for 3 Days for $10.00! (Coupon not valid with special)
Catalog Titles – Older movies on DVD and Blu-ray are $.99.The special for catalog DVDS is 3 Catalog DVDS for 3 days for $5.00(Coupon not valid with special)
Television Shows – All shows rent by the disc. Newer releases are $2.50, older programs are $.99.
Video Games – Interactive entertainment prices begin at $.99. We also offer five day special for only $4.00! Nifty!

Disc Cleaning Service

Have a DVD, Blu-ray, or video game that’s in need of a little tender loving care? Premiere Home Video can restore most damaged discs to like-new condition within a week. The service is a mere $2.50 per disc, a fraction of the amount it would take you to completely replace the title. Note: Some discs are beyond repair. One of our employees will determine whether or not your item can be salvaged.

Please allow up to seven days for your item to be cleansed of its illnesses.

Previously-Viewed Movies

In addition to our exhaustive collection of movie and television rentals, we also have a pretty snappy selection of previously-viewed movies for sale, most of which start at around $2.99 on DVD and $4.99 for Blu-Ray. If you still have a VCR and aren’t afraid of collecting motion pictures on an extremely dated format, our VHS tapes starting at a mere $.50 a piece. We also offer a small selection of used video games for the PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube, all of which are priced at around $2.99. Our Wii, XBOX 360, and PS3 starts at $6.99 Stop by for more information on these wonderful deals.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Premiere Home Video wants to make you happy. We’re thrilled that you’ve selected us as your video store, and strive daily to provide the service and quality that keeps you coming back for more. Until someone says otherwise, the crew will be behind the counter, ready and willing to provide you and your entire family with audio/visual delights at jaw-dropping prices.

Did I mention we’re all incredibly good-looking?

Legal Stuff

All of the production information, including plot synopsis, cast information, and MPAA ratings, are provided by and Internet Movie Database, respectively. In other words, credit is being given where credit is rightfully due. Because, you know, we really, really want to stay out of federal prison.

That is important to each and every one of us.