At Premiere Home Video, we’re all about value. In order to help give you the most for your hard-earned entertainment dollar, we are providing a handy coupon to assist you in your cinematic endeavors. All you have to do is print it out, bring it to our snappy location, and select your movies. Simple as that. However, we do have a few rules that you must follow in order to make this offer fair and balanced for everyone who wishes to participate:

Only one coupon will be allowed per day.
If you don’t have your coupon in-hand, we cannot extend the offer to you.
We will not accept expired coupons for any reason.
Video games are not included in most offers. See coupon for specific details.
All membership rules — including late fees — apply.

Still interested? Good for you! The aforementioned money-saving coupon is ready to meet your printer. Click one of the pictures below, then press CTRL+P. This will send the image to your favorite household printing device.

Don’t have a printer? Well we believe that if you can fight through our terrible reception in the store to bring up a coupon on your phone, then it’s only fair to accept the usage of the said coupon! So feel free to use the phone to save some money!